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In The Dobos Electronics Ltd. 1991-Since its founding, and keep develops measurement accessories, Accessories, control of electric meters, as well as certification and local and távleolvasó, telemetry equipment. Our main profile is the electric fogyasztásméréshez a variety of hardware and software products, and the development and marketing of systems and services. Our products can be found among the illegal impeding lightering, and detection devices.

Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers and partners an innovative full service, durable and useful solutions, What are the objectives and interests of our partners in the long term serve.

Our products include the used en masse across the country AXIA SmartModem family, work in the field of mobile support MOBIDUS application suite. The field work of the software we support hardware side by side industrial kéziterminálok the distribution of, servicing of, and fleet management services. The extract is commonly used in electrical energy meters electronic versatile Unicom software, and the critically acclaimed, industry standards compliant DOP optical head (IEC1107 optofej). In order to prevent the illegal demand was developed by the MFR, TFR and Kódszerver systems, What are the potential exploitation of e-fogyasztásmérőkben high efficiency discovered signs of irregular corresponding take-up.

Our company 2012 based in Moldova, since the ADD Grup mérőgyártó is a partner in Hungary. The manufacturer's innovative solutions and products we release the needs.

Electrical energy meters

Industrial handhelds

Remote readout

Optical heads

Readout, control devices

GPS, GSM devices

Solutions, systems, software

MOBIDUS system

Unicom mérőkiolvasó

MFR – Mérőfelügyeleti system

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Our headquarters in the capital (IX). the Fire in the u. 59 located in the building in the Dobos below. By public transport from the M3 (blue) Metro station Clinics 5 We are a minute's walk from the corner of the street and Fire parallel crossing Lenhossék utca corner. Tram 30 Master Street, While the direction of the Haller utca 24-essel reach us.

For those arriving by car Please note that, the Fire u. the Ferenc krt. in the direction of, the Lenhossék u. the Ulloi road, Thaly Kálmán utca in the corner of the road towards! Parking in the area is subject to payment.. For our partners we have in the backyard of the Office building above vendégparkolót.

Address: 1094 Budapest, Fire u. 59 | Tel/Fax: +36-1-216-5924 | E-mail: info@dobosltd.hu