In The Dobos Electronics Ltd. 1991-Since its founding, and keep develops measurement accessories, Accessories, control of electric meters, as well as certification and local and távleolvasó, telemetry equipment.

In The Dobos Ltd. development aspirations of the mass measurement of household and industrial meters- to ensure that the data collection infrastructure, target. Half-automatic, variaosztós, computer-controlled metering certification maintenance using all the country's credentials are used to manage the hours meter, and authentication. During this period we have collected a large experience in the electronic communications fogyasztásmérőkről and szabványaikról, which has resulted in, that the company started to deal with the collection of measurement.

The first step in this direction is to develop a system of data collection was manual terminálos, in the field of the use of all domestic electricity consumers effectively collect accounting information for water vapor.. (pl,fi. E.on, the electricity generating Plc North-transdanubian, E.on Electricity Company South-transdanubian, Electric utility Company e.on Tiszántúli, -RWE: LTD. Company., ÉMÁSZ Plc. -EDF: DÉMÁSZ Zrt.) The first industrial applications company kiolvasórendszer developed the PSION handheld Terminal use.

Seeing the success of the system, we have developed a proprietary extract tool, the OptoCom-OT, which is characterised by the ease and user tailored to low price. This tool is ideal for the organisation of energy can be applied so that the energetikusainak can be useful tool for large industrial. Using, all the electrical network of the Hungarian applied optical meter road, reading. These meter types include: SL7000, ZMD, SHARE SALE, ZMG, Indigo, Spectra, Alpha, Uher, METS-MD, DC3 airplane operational.

Energy market liberalisation, the need for modernisation of the power distribution companies and cost-cutting efforts brought with them the need your billing information for on-line reading.

We are following the development of a telemetry system, which provides a complete solution for data such as electronic energy meters. the billing registers, to query a remote load curves. The system is called EMS. This system is capable of GSM communication to remote reading measurement locations and GPRS technology using either perc-based, trendszámítást support also for the supply of the data measurement algorithms. We are working on joint development of the T-Mobile GSM mobile service providers with the success of this system is, In addition, in order to, so that we can be part of the changes in the market, and the liberalisation of the electricity industry in order to support.

Our innovative development efforts implies, for the first time in the country in the Dobos Electronics Ltd. COSEM protocols manual developed Terminal reader software and a member of the 2002 year our company became the DLMS Swiss Organization, the language of electronic measuring unit deals with the development of communication.

Our company is one of the most successful product of the field work and mobile support MOBIDUS application suite, for the purposes of electronic energy meters, developed intelligent távleolvasási AXIA SmartModem the family also acquired in the field of the measurement data collection reflects the many years of experience.