Drummer Electronics Ltd.

Address: 1094 Budapest Fire 59.

Tel./Fax: +36 1 216 5924

E-mail: info@dobosltd.hu

Our headquarters in the capital (IX). the Fire in the u. 59 located in the building in the Dobos below.
By public transport from the M3 (blue) Metro station Clinics 5 We are a minute's walk from the corner of the street and Fire parallel crossing Lenhossék utca corner.
Tram 30 Master Street, While the direction of the Haller utca 24-essel reach us.

For those arriving by car Please note that, the Fire u. the Ferenc krt. in the direction of, the Lenhossék u. the Ulloi road, Thaly Kálmán utca in the corner of the road towards!
Parking in the area is subject to payment.. For our partners we have in the backyard of the Office building above vendégparkolót.

Our team

Tibor Dobos – owner, executive director

Viktor Csáki – executive director

Márton Berty – software developer

János Herczku – hardware developer

Tamás Lovas – electronic technician

Brigitta Bálint – assistant, finance, HR

Gábor Kelemen – software developer