Electrical energy meters

Industrial kéziterminálok

Remote readout

Optical heads

Reader, Proofing Tools

GPS, GSM devices

Measurement accessories, tartozékok

In developing our prime concern was, they collaborate with mérőgyártók, developed in accordance with the standards IEC fogyasztásmérőivel. These tools are, inter alia, local analyzers, to extract a remote or.
The reading will assist the local wired and wireless optical heads, the távleolvasást is GSM or fixed line modems allow.

Measurement applications

Software applications in the near or distant measurement data obtained make it suitable for both. After processing the data, the users can easily be interpreted as, tabular or graphic form.
The data collected in this way, they give you instant automatic management systems adatfeladásra.

Field work-enabled applications

Field work is suitable for, Manual szoftveralkalmazásaink manual developed by the on-site terminals, In addition to the optical reading of demand or support remote data download- and also upload. Give the employer an opportunity to, on-line connection to new tasks to colleagues working in the field, to display the client immediately in the system of corporate governance. The data may be evaluated immediately, billing system for posting, Thus, an integrated workflow management system. For these applications to create opportunities for effective utilisation of labour, to reduce the costs associated with motor vehicles.
The written form of the present applications to eliminate errors that occur in the, and they give you a fast and efficient work.

Our products are adapted to the meter manufacturers are to IEC systems solution.